Prayer of peace

every monday

"We will be free when we love each other. It will be the end of all wars ... "

sings the Cologne band, Brings, in their song. And that has been my inner wish for as long as I can remember. I was 13 when the Wall came down in Dresden. I am still moved by the pictures of people in each other's arms.

It started with prayers in the Nikolai Church in Leipzig with just a few people. I am convinced that these prayers could have led to a peaceful fall of the Wall. In the end, however, the inner desire and hope for freedom brought the Wall down. The prayers still take place in the Nikolai Church. And I think we need these prayers more than ever, because the inner walls are still there in the hearts of the people.

It is time for the inner walls to come down so that we can all live together peacefully on this planet one day. Maybe it is just a dream - some think it is not realistic. Since I believe that we create our world with our dreams and thoughts, I believe in this dream.

Pray with me that one day we can all live on our beautiful earth in mutual respect and appreciation. The world is big enough that we all have room to live together peacefully. It is big enough for everyone to be satisfied. 

Pray with me that this dream will become reality.

My shamanic teacher Angaangaq calls it: "Melt the ice in your hearts". Since I was born here in Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall was a drastic experience for me, I call it:

"Let down the inner walls."

A prayer is stronger than any nuclear weapon. If you let your inner wall fall, you will feel what I am talking about.


You don't know how to pray? I hear that very often and I too had a time when I didn't believe it would work. Today I know that every thought, every tear, every wish, every dream is a prayer. Everything that comes from your feelings - your heart - is a prayer. The most beautiful way to make prayers visible is through creativity.

By placing a candle or lighting a fire you make your prayer more conscious and visible. Every creative expression that warms your heart supports your prayer.

Do not forget that we are all connected. When the wall inside you becomes smaller, then you feel more and more clearly that we humans are connected to everything and are a part of nature with the plants and animals. Therefore, each individual can make a difference.

Peace starts in each individual and ultimately it affects everything. Be aware that every prayer, every thought, every wish, every dream flows into the whole world.
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